Q. How do I place my order?
8 easy steps to place your order!
  • Open the App/Web
  • Select your desired products
  • Add the quantity of product you want to order
  • Check your Cart
  • Verify your order
  • Place your order
  • Select your Slot
  • Select your payment option and confirm your order!
Q. What is the minimum order value?

There is no minimum order value. If you place orders above Rs.499 then delivery will be free! An amount for delivery will be charged for orders below Rs.499.

Q. Are your services available in my area?

(Here the pin codes of the specific customer will be mentioned and then the answer will pop-up)

We are happy to let you know that our services are available in your area!

We will start servicing your area very soon.

Q. Is it safe to use Net Banking/Credit/Debit Card?

Our application is safe for any online banking method.

Q. Do you accept Sodexo?

We are still working on Sodexo.

Q. What modes of payment do you offer?

We have an Online Payment mode as well as Cash on Delivery.

Q. How can I use my wallet?

You can use your wallet for further payments of your next order.

Q. How can I return my item?

After your order is delivered you can return items you want to from the “Return Order” tab.

Q. What are your refund policies?

(This will redirect customers to the Refund Policies page)

Q. How do I cancel my order?

You can cancel your full order from the “Order Cancellation” tab.

Q. What are your cancellation policies?

(This will redirect customers to the Cancellation Policies page)

Q. How can I cancel partial order?

You will have to cancel the full order and then re-order the necessary items again.

We are happy to help you.

Q. Is there any delivery charge?

There is no delivery charge for orders above Rs.499. Although, an amount for delivery will be charged for orders below Rs.499.”

Q. How to choose a delivery slot?

While you place your order, the delivery slots will be available at your convenience you can choose the slots.

Q. How to track my order?

You can track your orders from the “My Orders” tab. You will also be receiving notifications regarding your order.

Q. Can I add more than one delivery address to an account?

After you have selected the items, you want to order, in the address section, you can add the required address where you want your order to be delivered.

Q. How to set up my account?

To set up your account, first, you have to download the application then register yourself with;

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Id
  • Address
  • Referral Code (if it is there)
Q. How to edit my details?

To edit your details, go to “My Account” and you can edit all your details required.

Q. How to change my shipping/billing address?

You can change your shipping/billing address anytime after you have selected your required products.